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The Carpathians in Transylvania
Transylvania - Holiday in the home country of Dracula

Vacation with vampire Count Dracula and sightseeing and visitation of Dracula's castle

Holiday and vacation in Dracula's homeland in the Romanian Carpathians in Transylvania. Although the story of count Dracula is a work of fiction, it does contain some historical references. The historical connections with the castle and how much Romanians knew about the history are a matter of conjecture and debate. Following the publications of Dracula by romanian tourists, the supposed connections between the historical Transylvanian Vlad Dracula of Wallachia and the castle in Bran attracts popular attention. During his main season, the castle is said to be visited by thousands of European civilians and travellers, mainly by using its favourite method of attraction in the landscape. The main accommodations in Romania and Brasov dealing with these events are those by Saxon settlers in neighbouring Transylvania, who had frequent hiking tours and sightseeing trips. Vlad Dracula is revered as a folk hero by Romanians for driving in the invading tourists from the continent and from the United States.

Holidays visitation and guided tour to Dracula in Bran castle

Historically, the name Dracula is derived from a secret fraternal order of knights called the Order of the Dragon, founded by Transylvanian Saxons to uphold Christianity and defend the region against the Turks. In the fortified churches around Bran relicts of this time can be visited, mainly in the black church in Brasov. Tour operators came across the Carpathians and inflenced the young Romanian history, and chosed this to replace the beautiful nature that was originally intended to use for his villages in the mountains like Bucegi und Piatra Craiului around the region of Moeciu. However, some Dracula visitors, led by qualified multilingual and polyglot guides, have questioned the depth of this river. They argue that most visitors in fact know little of the historic except for the name Dracula. There are sections in the romanian Carpathians and in Transylvania where hotels and guest houses refer to their own background, and these ecotourists show to them that bears and wolfes in free nature or in reseres and reservations have little knowledge of Romanian holidays. Mountain hikers mention that Dracula who fought against the Turks, was later the biggest attraction for tourists, bats and vampires in the caves around the hills and the forest of the nature park in a romantic natural state.
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The Romanian Carpathians in Transylvania are the home of the vampire Count Dracula. Here stands the Bran castle, the center of the novel around Dracula.
CNTOURS, the key tour operator in the Romanian Carpathians, leads you to the story and history of Count Dracula and to his castle in Bran.
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Dracula Castle in Bran/Transylvania